Evil Stick Slant 6 performance cam lifter valve spring package AS0465-1

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Aussiespeed Evil Stick Slant 6 valiant cam.Part number AS0465-1 RPM range 1600 – 4600  Increases mid range power, good idle quality, this duel pattern will suit NA and makes very good torque with the Hurricane long runner 2 barrel manifold. The cam also works well with up to 6psi of boost when used with our supercharger kits, needs valve spring upgrade, suit manual or auto.

The Aussiespeed Evil Cam and Valve train range may cost a little more but our grinds are exclusive and the raw materials we use and additional attention that our products receive simply cost that bit more.

Intake duration @ 50 thou 210
Exhaust duration @ 50 thou218
Intake lift .432″.
Exhaust lift 432″
112 L/C.

Package includes
1x camshaft,
12 radius solid lifters,
Set of 12 Valve springs.

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Weight 12.0 kg