Chevy 6 194, 250 inline supercharger kit suit Weiand 142/144 Polished

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Chevrolet 6 cylinder 194, 250 engines with a 2 V-belt harmonic damper that is 50mm as pictured below .Some early 194 and 250 engines had a narrower bottom pulley. A lower pulley spacer is required for triple pulley 292 engines with a 73.30 mm wide balancer and early 250 engines with a 31mm lower damper

250-chevy-2v-pulley - 1

Chevy 6 harmonic damper with 2V grooves 50mm wide

292-chevy-3v-pulley - 1

Chevy 6 triple V belt pulley 73mm wide.

This kit needs to be used with PB1027N part number harmonic balancer. It is a 2 V belt balancer.

Components made in Australia by Aussiespeed. This kit is sold with components required to fit a supercharger to a Chevy straight 6 minus the supercharger. Note there is a different kit for triple v belt pulley equipped 292 Chevy inline engines. This kit will fit 194 and 250 inline engines with rectangular port cylinder heads.


1x AS0038 Aussiespeed Chevrolet inline 6 supercharger manifold to fit 142/ 144 Weiand, Holley or B&M blowers.
1x AS451-220 Manifold support bracket kit includes all hardware and requires 1 m10 hole to be drilled in the engine mount.

as0038-0451-220-ass-support - 1

1x AS0505r-AS aluminum snout mounted supercharger belt tensioner, 1x AS0506r mechanical tensioner and flat Idler pulley and mounting hardware to suit Aussiespeed supercharger snout.

blower-snout-aussiespeed - 1

1x AS0455r-266 spline drive supercharger drive snout fitted with an Aussiespeed AS0487-24, 4 bolt supercharger top pulley hub, 6 rib 77.5mm top drive pulley and hardware

supercharger-as0455-snout-ass - 1

1x AS0503r snout support kit includes thermo housing bracket.

as0503-as0346-ass - 1

1x AS0511-140 Steel 6 rib 140mm crankshaft pulley with integrated mounting hub and 3x UNF high tensile mounting fasteners for harmonic dampeners with 2 vee belt grooves.

1x Supercharger drive belt.

Items not included in the kit are.

Supercharger oil
Thread locking compound



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