Chevy 6 194, 250 Inline Supercharger Kit Suit 192 Blower Shop Polished

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The Chevy inline  250 and 292 inline 6 engine is a popular engine for hot rodders and car enthusiasts. Aussiespeed has an ever expanding range of hop-up parts for these engines. We have supplied our supercharger kits and 4 barrel intake manifolds to customers worldwide. The supercharger manifolds that can accept a range of superchargers. This kit is based on the Blower Shop 192 CI supercharger and includes what you need to fit it. The kit is a bolt on kit that may require some additional machining and components depending on your exact application.

Pictured above is our second generation manifold that accepts both Weiand and Blower Shop blowers in certain sizes. The most important thing is the harmonic balancer part number listed must be used as the manifold and snout length are machined to suit for perfect pulley alignment.

This kit needs to be used with PB1027N part number harmonic balancer. It is a 2 V belt balancer.

Chevrolet 6 cylinder 194, 250 engines with a 2 V-belt harmonic damper that is 50mm as pictured below. Some early 194 and 250 engines had a narrower bottom pulley. A lower pulley spacer is required for triple pulley 292 engines with a 73.30 mm wide balancer and early 250 engines with a 31mm lower damper

250-chevy-2v-pulley - 1

Chevy 6 harmonic damper with 2V grooves 50mm wide

292-chevy-3v-pulley - 1

Chevy 6 triple V belt pulley 73mm wide.


1x AS0038-19 Aussiespeed Chevrolet inline 6 supercharger manifold to fit 142/ 144 Weiand, Holley or B&M blowers plus will accept 192 Blower Shop super chargers.
1x AS451-220 Manifold support bracket kit includes all hardware and requires 1 m10 hole to be drilled in the engine mount.

1x AS0505P aluminium snout mounted supercharger belt tensioner, 1x AS0506P mechanical tensioner and flat Idler pulley and mounting hardware to suit Aussiespeed supercharger snout that is polished to suit the 192 super charger.

1x AS0455P spline drive supercharger drive snout fitted with an Aussiespeed AS0487-24, 4 bolt supercharger top pulley hub, 6 rib 77.5mm top drive pulley and hardware

1x AS0503P snout support kit includes thermo housing bracket.

1x AS0511-140 Steel 6 rib 140mm crankshaft pulley with integrated mounting hub and 3x UNF high tensile mounting fasteners for harmonic dampeners with 2 vee belt grooves.

1x Supercharger drive belt.

Items not included in the kit are.

Supercharger oil
Thread locking compound


When ordering your supercharger from The Blower Shop be sure to tell them you need the Weiand 142/144 front shaft coupler as the spline is slightly different to the Blower Shop coupler.


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