Aussiespeed Supercharger oil synthetic blend AS0515-300

AUD $65.00


Aussiespeed Supercharger Oil is an oil formulation that offers protection to the moving parts of your supercharger, will not react with non ferrous supercharger cases and internal components, can with stand high Australian operating temperatures and still offers great protection in colder climates. Aussiespeed Supercharger Oil is blended from a high grade ester base stock with additive’s to reduce foaming at high RPM as supercharger speeds can reach 20,000 rpm in high boost applications . Dont be fooled by its thinner viscosity as its film strength offers great wear protection in a specially blended fully synthetic oil. Supplied in a 10 ounce/ 295ml bottle with a easy fill lid. We have used this oil in Yella Terra Terra Chargers, M90, M112, M122, Whipple, B&M, Holley, Weiand and The Blower Shop Superchargers.

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