Aussiespeed Evil stick cam & lifter package supercharged Holden 6 #3

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This is a big hydraulic cam for modified street engines running above 5psi off boost designed for modified engine with an increased stall speed for automatic trans and manual cars. The cam requires dual valve springs Aussiespeed Part Number AS0528-3. Lift needs to be multiplied by your rocker ratio. Aussiespeed premium lifters have an increased radius on the chilled iron lifter face to give extended cam and lifter life.


The above engine was fitted with an Evil Stick 3 camshaft.

Dont be fooled by advertised cam specs by cam shaft manufactures, the ramp and profile of the a cam lobe specifically designed for a forced induction engine can give you the edge.


Estimated rpm range is 2500 to 5800 rpm.

Lift @ cam
intake .320
exhaust .320
Duration @ 50thou
intake 232
exhaust 238
Lobe Centreline 112
Evil stick Forced Induction and small engine cams are ground to specific specifications for Aussiespeed on high quality billets.


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