Aussiespeed Carb Scoop Single 4 Barrel AS0539B Black Finish

USD $454.25


Aussiespeed single 4 barrel textured black finish carb scoop. With our range of inline 6 cylinder stuff we wanted a scoop that would not look out of place on an inline 6. Aussiespeed single 5 1/8 neck carb scoop has the following dimensions.
Length 36cm
Height 11cm
front opening 10cm
width front 27cm
width rear 20cm
Neck height 65cm high. The neck height can be turned down in a lathe to reduce the height. Around 25mm is the lowest you could go.

The sand cast scoop is made in Australia

Fitted to a single 4 barrel quick fuel double pumper carb shows the proportions of the scoop

The scoop is supplied with one 4 bolt adapter and will accept a 6 inch air filter not included. You are buying the scoop and base to suit 2 and 4 barrel carbs with a 5 & 1/8 neck. Holley, Quick Fuel 350, 465,570,600 upwards carburettors.


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Weight 10 kg