Aussiespeed 1 5/8 extractors shorty design 12 port head AS0039

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Aussiespeed Extractors are just another product that wasnt available so we added them to the range. The 1 5/8 mandrel bent pipe are not butt welded but formed through  the flange and welded. The  shorty design will fit from FJ to VK commodore body styles and have been designed for Holden 6 cylinder 173 /2850 and 202 / 3.3 engines with 12 port cylinder head.

holden blue black 12 port extractors aussiespeed

These headers are made in Australia and have been designed for Aussiespeed intake manifolds and supercharger manifolds. The 3 into 1 pipes are fully welded with a 2 1/4 inch collector. The pipes are stress relieved after welding and machining and are painted in a high temp exhaust paint.


extractors for 12 port holden head

Aussiespeed extractors have small height pads welded to the flanges to allow for flange thickness adjustments with the intake manifold.

holden 6 cylinder extractors not pacemaker

The height pads can be ground down if the intake manifold is thinner than 6mm.

We offer reduced manifold studs 3/8 into head, 5/16 nuts as well as AS0022 manifold tabs.

Estimated pipe lengths.

cylinders 1. 445mm. cylinder 6. 430mm

cylinder 2. 330mm. cylinder 4. 310mm

cylinder 3. 295mm  cylinder 5. 325mm



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