Aussiespeed Stripmaster Holden V8 manifold Single Plane Non Air Gap AS0118

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Holden V8 stripmaster manifold, great for modified 308 and 355 stroker holden v8 engines.

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Holden V8 253 308 New improved Stripmaster manifold with CNC profiled ports to Cylinder head face.The Strip master manifold made from the original tooling.
Some History on the Stripmaster Holden 308 V8 4 barrel intake manifold as designed by PM Engines South Australia. The strip master is an Australian made high performance Manifold for pre VN V8 Holden cylinder heads. The manifold the manifold can be used with factory cast iron cylinder heads, yella terra dash & yella terra dash 5 Aluminum cylinder heads.
as0118 strip master 308 manifold
Strip master Holden V8 Manifold was developed for early model Holden V8 253 & 308 Black,Blue & Red cylinder head engines
The Aussiespeed Stripmaster manifold has been used on standard stroke and long stroke 355 Holden V8 engines and produces great torque at low rpm.

A customer sent pics of his polished and ceramic coated stripmaster manifold

For more information on the STRIPMASTER including dimensions and dyno tests click HERE

polished manifold holden 308 355 253 quickfuel carb

Ceramic coated Stripmaster manifold matched with polished quick fuel carb

The Stripmaster manifold is 120mm high from the ends where the cork gaskets run across the block to the carburettor pad.
As of August 2021 the Stripmaster is supplied with CNC profiled ports to the head face. The profile is around 1 mm under standard cast cylinder head port size. The manifold allows for additional porting for the guys chasing big power or can be bolted to factory type heads.
The port profile is now the same as a factory cast cylinder head on the port face.
The Stripmaster manifold can still be fitted to either red blue or black cylinder heads. it will require one of the 3 blind holes in the head to be drill through to match your cylinder heads
holden stripmaster manifold
The Stripmaster manifold can be hand blended from the head face back to the cast port runner. There is additional material  in the runner for those chasing top end performance on both standard and stroker engines.
vacuum port inlet manifold
Vacuum fitting machined on drivers side of the manifold for those needing a vacuum source. The height of the Stripmaster from the engine block ends to the carb pad is 120mm. There is 1 x 3/8 npt temp sender fitting in the front water jacket for a temp sender.

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