Aussiespeed Customer Builds

holden 6 alloy rocker cover

Customers Holden 6 cylinder 202 with Yella Terra ally 12 port head, Aussiespeed black finned rocker cover and sideplates.

ford 300 aluminium aussiespeed rocker cover

Ford 300 fitted with Aussiespeed Alloy Rocker cover and sideplates in a textured black finish. The engine is running DUX ignition and also has air conditioning.

supercharged 4/71-202

Customer built Holden 6 fitted with 4/71 supercharger, the engine is fitted with Aussiespeed tall valve cover and sideplates.

slant 6 super six aussiespeed

Chrysler slant 6 fitted with Aussiespeed AS0024 long runner manifold.

alloy polished rocker cover hotrod

T bucket fitted with Aussiespeed rocker cover and dress up gear from the Aussiespeed range.

ford small block quad intake manifold windsor

Aussiespeed Quad weber windsor manifold fitted with Jenvey efi carb look throttle bodies.

aussiespeed extractors

Customer supplied photo of a 2 barrel super 6 slant 6 manifold fitted with Aussiespeed AS0040 extractors

holden 186 alloy sideplates

Customer sent us pics of the engine for his EH Holden fitted with Alloy rocker and side plates painted the same color as the engine with the detailed aluminum retro centre.

chevy inline 6 air filter

A pair of Aussiespeed AS0172P air cleaners fitted to this Chevy inline 6.

polished holden rocker cover tall

Modified FJ Holden with Aussiespeed engine dress up kit.

slant 6 supercharged

Customer from the USA putting together his supercharged slant 6 with a kit supplied by Aussiespeed.

hemi 265 turbo charged

Turbo charged and fuel injected Chrysler centura running AS0298 Aussiespeed manifold.

A pair of Aussiespeed AS0171P air filters fitted to the blown small block Chevy.



If you are a customer and would like to send through some pics of your car or build please do. If you want to write a review regarding our products and services you can send it through or leave a review on our facebook page at the link.



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