Water & Methanol Injection

Water & Methanol Injection System can be an extremely effective way of controlling the onset of detonation in both forced induction and naturally aspirated engines. Water has a high latent heat content, which makes it extremely effective at preventing the onset of detonation. When a mix of  Water and Methanol are used due to methanol having an octane of 116 its high flash point and low specific gravity further reduce the chances of detonation. While water is not combustible, it has a greater capacity to cool the intake air temps more than methanol alone. a 50/50 mixture of water and methanol is what we use in supercharged or turbo charged engines. Some of the advantages of running a mix of water and methanol are listed below. The atomisation of the mix is very important as a very fin spray is needed more like a mist than a spray.

water-injection-kit-2 methanol-water-injection-kit-1 methanol-water-injection-tank

We Stock a range of kits as well as nozzles, tanks, filters and gauges for water / Methanol injection

devils-own-water-injectionwater-injection-filter-in-line water-injection-controler

These are just some of the items in the Devils own range that are available in our online store.

water-injection-pump-australia water-injection-pressure-gauge-    water-injection-tubing

A full range of spare parts are available for  Water/ Meth Kits

Increased horsepower safely by 10-15%.
Lowered air temperatures by 50-200+ degrees.
Decreased cylinder temperatures up to 300 degrees.
Reduced effects of heat soak in warmer climates.
When set up correctly can allow you to run more boost .
When set up correctly it can allow you to run more ignition timing. Can reduced the build up of carbon in the combustion chamber.

Aussiespeed are a distributor of DevilsOwn  Alcohol injection systems, we searched and found that the components used in the kits are high quality.  Micro droplet nozzles produce the finest atomization possible giving you the best cooling. DevilsOwn©  offer a complete selection of parts and accessories  from tank tap adapters with an incorporated filter, to our streamlined nozzle holder, each part in the Devils Own range has been engineered to perform in the most strenuous conditions while maximizing the best output for vehicle. The Devils Own specifically designed, with 300psi it has an internal bypass and is a pulse free pump to deliver a metered amount of methanol/water to the nozzle. Devils Own nozzles remain rust free and produces a razor-crisp 80 degree spray pattern. The DevilsOwn© Progressive Methanol Controller is the smallest and most reliable controller on the market. While other companies say they are the best, we don’t have to brag all over cyberspace, those who know buy here because our equipment consistently outperforms expectations and competition.


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