Weiand 177 Supercharger Adapter AS0292-177

AUD $375.00


Supercharger base plate for 177 Weiand supercharger when you need to adapt to another manifold.  You are buying a machined casting to suit the perimeter bolt type177 Weiand super charger to another manifold. This could make the job of retro fitting the adapter to inline 6 cylinder engines, V6 or V8 engines.


The fully machined adapter part number is  AS0292-177r

Underside of the Adapter


Picture shows the adapter fitted to a Chevy 250/292 Aussiespeed inline 6 cylinder blower manifold once the 4 hold down bolts have been drilled..

YOU ARE BUYING A MACHINED SHOT BLASTED CASTING  to suit 177 Weiand super charger. The thickness of this adapter 21mm thick. The 142 pattern holes are not drilled so the adapter can be moved backwards or forwards to get correct snout alignment

You are buying the adapter only, it does not include gaskets or studs


Additional information

Weight 8 kg