Hemi, Chevy Supercharger spline drive snout AS0480r-267

USD $707.05


Australian made Aussiespeed supercharger drive assembly is available in many different lengths and can be used with spline type single bearing Weiand 142, Weiand 144, Blower Shop 192.

For dual bearing dog drive superchargers like M90, M112, M122 see part number AS0460-216. This drive is 225mm long and is used on the Aussiespeed Hemi 215, 245 and 265, 6 cylinder or chevy 194/250 super charger kits. Supplied with top 4 bolt hub, key way steel, dome head centre bolt ,  washer, 4 pulley mounting bolts .


The Aussiespeed range of supercharger snouts will accept our tenisoners and snout support brackets, pulleys can simply be unbolted without the need for specialised tools or pullers.