Slant 6 cylinder supercharger kit M90 Eaton

AUD $3,850.00


Slant 6 Chrysler supercharger kit Eaton M90 Gen 5, this model Aussiespeed supercharger kit can be fitted to 225  Chrysler Valiant engines.

With a 145mm 3 bolt crank pulley and a 77.5 top pulley boost levels between 5 to 9 psi have been achieved. The kit includes cast aluminum intake manifold  and adapter to suit M90 eaton generation 5 super charger, intake manifold support strut.

A steel crank hub that incorporates a  6 rib lower pulley, supercharger drive belt, snout support and cast aluminum bracket, mechanical tensioner kit and mounting hardware.

For the manifold support and depending on what brand extractors you use some trimming of the head flanges may be required.

The manifold length from the cylinder head face to outer edge of the intake is 310mm

More details added soon.

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Weight 25.0 kg