Methanol Water injection kit Stage 2 Devils Own. 1 to 30 psi

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This kit features a DevilsOwn 2nd Generation Water-Methanol Injection Controller. This kit has a built in 30 psi boost port, which allows you to simply run a boost line to the controller.

Check this kit out! From us to you, this is the DevilsOwn© second-generation water–methanol injection controller. This kit features a built in 30 psi map sensor. We want you to have an easy time with this so you can have more time burning tires then reading instructions. To hook this up, run small section of tubing simlar to hooking up a boost gague to our controller. Wire it up to power, ground the wire, and then run the wire to the pump. How simple is that? Our customers hook this up quickly and are on the road in no time. As many of you know, this kit will increase your boost timing, and most importantly, you’ll have more power! Another cool feature of the 2nd generation digital variable controller is the ability to hook up a float level sensor, or any other ground trigger, to one of the controller inputs and it will light up the multifunction LED light. This light notifies you of your fluid levels so you aren’t caught with your pants down.

The DevilsOwn© Progressive Water-Methanol injection kits main purpose is to suppress detonation caused by high temperature and pressure that has developed in the combustion chamber. This is achieved when the effective compression ratio has been taken beyond the auto-ignition point. We want this process to be easy to understand, and our customers should know this kit is good to go in a turbo or a supercharged engine.

Compressed air is heated air that causes a reduction of power and negatively affects detonation. DevilsOwn© kits aid in reducing power loss while increasing fuel mileage. These kits are for applications where you desire the full control of your water injection needs.

Cool the compressed air with the DevilsOwn© water methanol injection kit. Because water has a high latent heat content, it is extremely effective for controlling not only the onset of detonation but also the production of oxides of nitrogen in modern lean burning engines. Methanol, with its 116 octane high flash points and specific gravity, helps further reduce the chances of pre-detonation. In short, you get lower air temperatures and reduced stress on your engine. As an added benefit, you clean chambers with increased octane. Awesome? Hell yeah!

The Short and Sweet Benefits:

Increases horsepower safely by 10-15%
Lowers air temperatures by 50-200+ degrees
Increases octane when you need it under boost.
Reduces cylinder temperatures up to 300+ degrees
No wear issues only clean combustion chambers
Allows you to safely run more boost and timing
System Contents Include:


Stage 1 Kit


Stage 2 Kit

Adjustable pressure switch
300 psi pump with EPDM seals
Heavy duty nickel plated check valve
15 ft of black high pressure nylon tubing
2 Micro droplet nozzles DO3,DO7
Filtered self-sealing tank tap
All necessary hardware
Detailed Instructions
Important Notes:

Basic hand tools required for installation
Proper tuning is required to achieve maximum results
Typical install time 2-3 hours


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