Ford Cleveland 2V Aussiespeed Active air gap 4 barrel manifold AS0560

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Ford Cleveland 2V Aussiespeed air gap performance manifold will allow you to breath new life into your Ford V8 Cleveland.

Features of this manifold include.

Australian Made and Machined

Single plane high rise design

High velocity runners deliver an extra broad power curve

Excellent cylinder to cylinder distribution

Has delivered incredible performance with cast iron cylinder heads

Has delivered incredible performance with aluminum cylinder heads

Designed with performance in mind

Not a copy of another manifold

Not made in China


Independent feed back has shown performance results 4V 680HP @ 540ft lb , 2V 605HP @ 500ft lb.

The manifold can be used on 4V cylinder heads without additional porting. On engines up to 600HP the cross sectional volume of the port will allow it to fitted out of the box.

Engine builders wanting to CNC profile the manifold to suit there own port shape and design or radius and blend can do so, how ever removing large amounts of material can have a negative affect of velocity and distribution.

ford cleveland performance manifold

The height of the manifold measured from the lower side of the manifold where it seals to the block to the carburetor pad is 160mm




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