Datsun Nissan FJ20 Engine 2.4RS side draft weber twin DCOE manifold AS0750

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Nissan FJ20 DOHC  2.4 L twin Weber DCOE Aussiespeed side draft manifold to suit 2x Weber or Dellorto carbs on the 240RS  rally motor. The 2.4 L variant was used in the Silvia based BS110 Nissan 240RS rally car.

originally manufactured  in New Zealand under numerous brands including   Hitech Motorsport, Bob Homewood manifolds, DM manifolds, Dennis Marwood Manifolds, Develo and Autoquip  under the part number DM440  Aussiespeed purchased the tooling and have further invested in the range with improved machining techniques for improved fitment and port alignment. The oval port version FJ20 RS Datsun manifold part number AS0751 has a port size of 39mm tall and 48mm wide through the port centerline on the cylinder head side.

46mm on the carburetor side and with the manifold face flat on a measuring table from head face to highest part of the carb flange is 112mm. The lower side of the manifold from the head face to carburetor flange is 65mm.

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