Aussiespeed Carb scoop single 4 barrel AS0539R

AUD $295.00


Aussiespeed single 4 barrel carb scoop, with our range of inline 6 cylinder stuff we wanted a scoop that would not look out of place on an inline 6. Aussiespeed single 5 1/8 neck carb scoop has the following dimensions.
Length 36cm
Height 11cm
front opening 10cm

The sand cast scoop is made

Fitted to a single 4 barrel quick fuel double pumper carb shows the proportions of the scoop

The scoop is supplied with one 4 bolt adapter and will accept a 6 inch air filter not included. you are buying the scoop and base to suit 2 and 4 barrel carbs with a 5 & 1/8 neck. Holley, Quick Fuel 350, 465,570,600 upwards carburetors.