Aussiespeed Reduced exhaust Manifold Stud and Nut Kit. 3/8 unc to 5/16 AS0462 set of 6

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Aussiespeed reduced shank manifold stud and nut kit has a 3/8 unc that screws into cylinder heads and is stepped down to a 5/16 unf stud and nut to make it easier to fit larger runner or manifolds that require a step down stud.



6x 3/8 unc reduced to 5/16 unf studs,
6x 5/16 unf brass nuts,
6x 3/8 spring washers

These studs and nuts are manufactured in Australia and are 44mm overall in length, turned 3/8 section 11mm, unturned 3/8 shank between threads 5mm, 5/16 threaded section is 27mm long.

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