Aussiespeed finned wire port Hot rod cover AS0344 red

AUD $99.00


Aussiespeed Finned red powder coated cast alloy cover to hide relays, wiring ugly things in your engine bay. The sand cast cover has an open back and blank on both ends. It can be mounted vertically, horizontally  so you can hide what ever you want and attach it to the inner guard or firewall by drilling mounting holes where ever you need them. Overall external width is 87mm overall external length include flat end flanges is 203mm. internal length 155mm. internal width 65mm. internal depth to radius is 50mm full internal depth is 70mm


There is options on both ends for fixing to inner guards, fire wall

The open back makes fitting and hiding relays, wiring connectors, fuel filters and what ever else you dont want seen.

Aussiespeed manufacture small wiring ports, breather cans, coil covers all in the same fin style.

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Weight 5.0 kg