AS0027 Quad Weber IDF V8 Ford Cleveland 302, 351, 2V manifold

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Aussiespeed Ford Cleveland Quad IDF Weber Intake manifold
Cast to suit Ford Cleveland 2V 302 & 351 cylinder heads the small port intake manifold the Aussiespeed Ford Cleveland 4x IDF low profile manifold has plenty of material that can be removed to suit large port  2V or standard 4V cylinder heads plus after market raised runner style 3v cylinder heads. cast & machined in Australia this manifolds low profile design lends itself to fitment on Ford Cobra & Ford Pantera v8 powered sports cars.
The manifold has a total height from the block end seals to the top of the carburetor pads of around 90mm
This is a true 2V Cleveland oval port manifold
The internal cast throttle bore size of the manifold
The height of the manifold where it sits on the engine block rails to the top of the IDF Weber mounting pads
The distance between the IDF Weber carburetor pads in the centre of the manifold
The centre distance between the carburetor base on the narrower side of the IDF Weber carbs
The distance at the wider part of the manifold
as0027-quad-weber-fitted - 1
Little Menace is a well known car built in NZ, The car runs an AS0027 Aussiespeed 2V Cleveland Quad weber induction set up.
Quad weber Ford Cleveland.

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