AS0002, AS0122 Aussiespeed Six 9 Port Manifold & Header Package

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Aussiespeed has developed a range of performance products for Holden 6 cylinder 9 port red motors, the extensive range includes 2 barrel, 4 barrel and multi carb and super charger intake manifolds. As well as a range of dress up and high quality mandrel bent exhaust headers or tubular extractors. The Aussiespeed AS0002 manifold is designed to be used on modified engines and can be used with LPG as well as on petrol engines and has been used on many Holden 186 and 202 engines as a blow through manifold with a turbo charger. The AS0002 red motor Holden manifold has a cast in plenum filler on the port floor, fuel drop out grid and a divided centre plenum divider. the manifold is 225mm wide at the widest point measured from the cylinder head face to the widest part of the plenum.


The picture show the plenum design and plenum pig that is part of the manifold, this manifold has been used on mild and hot street engines, with nitrous oxide and with blow through turbo set ups.


Due to the runner size and large plenum we decided to cast the plenum pig as part of the manifold, we have yet to see a Holden 6 perform better without it.


Aussiespeed 100% Australian made, designed and tested extractors are a through flange large diameter 1 5/8 primary pipe with the only compromise was to get them to fit body styles from FJ/FX Holden, FC/FE, FB/EK, EJ/EH, HD/HR, HK/HT/HG, HQ/HJ/HX/HZ/WB through to VK Commodore.


Estimated pipe lengths.

cylinders 1. 445mm. cylinder 6. 430mm

cylinder 2. 330mm. cylinder 4. 310mm

cylinder 3. 295mm  cylinder 5. 325mm

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